Scott Dickey credits his wife for the idea for what's sure to be a popular product at the 2014 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show. Dickey is president of JTech Solutions, makers of the Docking Drawer. The device lets installers turn a drawer into a hidden charging station for mobile devices. Simply plug in phones, tablets, MP3 players, e-readers and more into the outlet, and close the drawer on the mess of cords and chargers.

"My wife said, 'I want every family member to have a drawer and all your stuff goes in your drawer,'" Dickey remembers. "Since we installed four of these for our family, it's reduced clutter and stopped the theft of charging cables. It's made a meaningful improvement in our family harmony."

The device comprises a tamper-resistant duplex receptacle, plus two USB receptacles and an integrated power safety switch. An electrician will need to bring power to the junction box, which means installing the Docking Drawer is significantly easier when installed with new cabinetry. Jtech Solutions provides dimensions to let installers specify drawer dimensions that will best accommodate the components. Dickey says a handy carpenter can also modify existing drawers for retrofits.

The Docking Drawer's circuit is protected by a 5A pop-out breaker accessible from the user side. Designed only for charging personal electronic devices, the product meets all building codes and is currently pending UL approval. JTech Solutions | 408.425.4393 |