This article originally appeared on the BUILDER website.

Cosentino has collaborated with architect and designer Daniel Germani to create the Dekton Chromica Collection, a new series of ultra-saturated color profiles for Cosentino’s Dekton solid architectural surfacing.

The Chromica Collection includes two color profiles: Baltic, a deep blue inspired by the depths of the ocean, and Feroe, a dark green inspired by hidden and “unexplored” corners of nature. Each is available in a sleek matte finish.

“Chromica is an exploration in color,” says Germani. “In researching new hues that could be used with both organic and technical materials, the answer was in front of me all along…dark shades of blue and green. These two analogous colors play well with each other but also play well with a lot of different colors in the color wheel. The difficult part was to find hues that will be both timeless and modern, that will play well both in traditional as in contemporary spaces and that could be used both in indoor as outdoor spaces. The process was very intuitive and working with Cosentino’s research and development department made it a breeze.”

Dekton by Cosentino’s solid surfacing is highly scratch-, stain-, and UV-resistant, according to the manufacturer, with a high degree of durability and low maintenance requirements, even in applications with high wind loads or perforations. It may be used in flooring, cladding, facades, countertops, and stairways, among other uses. It is available in large-format slabs and a variety of thicknesses.

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