Hanergy said its new HanTile solar panels combine a thin-film solar collector with high transmittance glass in a package that can replace regular roofing.

The company said HanTiles incorporate a single layer of glass and weigh about 11.5 pounds each.

Details on price, rated capacity, and distribution were not included in the company's release.

Jeff Shubert, Hanergy America's director of sales and marketing, said in a call from the Hanergy sales office in Burlingame, California, the tiles were still being evaluated for certification by Underwriters Laboratories. That will have to be completed before the solar tiles can go on sale in the U.S., a process Shubert hoped would be wrapped up by June.

Hantiles would join a short list of building-integrated solar products designed to be less obtrusive than conventional racked rooftop panels. The best known is Tesla's solar tiles, manufactured with a tempered glass surface that mimics the look of tile or slate. But Tesla's rollout has been very slow to date.

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