This article originally appeared on the BUILDER website.

Surfacing distributor CaraGreen has added Organoid bio-based surfaces to its product lineup, marking Austrian manufacturer Organoid Technologies’ first foray into the U.S. market.

Organoid specializes in surface coverings built from raw organic materials, including hay, lavender, cornflowers, rose petals, and wool. Each of these materials is pressed into tiles, which retain the original material’s natural feel, color, and fragrance. The tiles may be purchased without a carrier (as Organoid Pure), or installed on a number of “carriers” or backings.

Carrier options include high-pressure laminate, click-system install cork-backed flooring, wallpaper, flexible backing, translucent self-adhesive film, and acoustic panels. The surfaces are delivered untreated, but may be sealed with conventional oils and varnishes. An epoxy resin seal is also available from the manufacturer.

“Organoid’s bio-based surfaces are the epitome of biophilic design,” says Jessica McNaughton, President of CaraGreen. “The organic materials evoke the senses… you can see, feel and enjoy the scent of the natural elements used in this experiential and multi-use design element, making you feel better and healthier in any space you occupy.”

Organoid’s stock collection offers 22 bio-based surface formulations, including Wildspitze (alpine hay), Skelettblattla (skeleton giant leaves), Lawendl (lavender stalks and blossoms), Roscht (bark ground) and Wollä (wool). Custom surfaces are available at their clients’ request.

“We chose CaraGreen as our US distributor due to our companies’ alignment on providing building materials that contribute to better health for people and their environments. Also, CaraGreen has a reputation as eco-ambassadors and industry experts so we found them to be a perfect fit for our products,” says Hans-Peter Forster, Sales Director for Organoid Technologies.