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Odds are you've never had a client ask for less space in their home. Even homeowners that are downsizing want to make the most of every inch to maintain plenty room to stay comfortable. Creative storage options help maximize space within a footprint, but you don't have to go searching for nooks and crannies to capture useable space.

Closet and pantry organization can make and easy upgrade for any remodel, or an ideal handyman project. The freedomRail product line from Organized Living is an example of how installation processes across the industry have been simplified, and also offers an online tool to help remodelers and homeowners put plans together quickly. Amanda Leblanc, a professional organizer and spokesperson for Organized Living adds that because the systems install after paint and other interior finishes have gone in, decking out a closet won't interrupt other trades on the job.

"When you're remodeling, don't build a dream home with a nightmare closet," Leblanc says. "Closet upgrades are about making a quality investment, not a temporary fix." Here are a few tips she offers to help design organized spaces with ultimate usability. 

  • Look for Adjustability: Adjustable systems are easy to rearrange or add to as needs change. Leblanc says this helps maximize space and use every square inch effectively.
  • Consider Versatility: Closets and pantries are the most popular spaces to outfit with organization systems, but don't stop there. Mud rooms, playrooms, laundry rooms, and garages all have plenty of clutter to corral. "There are lots of new finishes out there to match rooms all around the home, and solutions that go beyond wire shelving," Leblanc says. "When you're talking about real problems, you can find solutions with the right products."
  • Think Durable:  When shelving is going into high-use spaces, make sure you look for products "that will stand the test of time," Leblanc says, noting that, in her home, that means holding up to rough-and-tumble kids. In remodels or even rental units, a durable system should withstand multiple families moving in and out.
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