Photo Courtesy of LP Building Solutions

With all remodeling projects, working efficiently and saving resources is a priority. But often you get either high quality or cost effectiveness. It’s hard to have both.

However, you shouldn’t have to compromise.

Engineered wood siding is a durable product that can help you save time and money on remodeling jobs while delivering results that your clients will love.

Getting the Job Done Right and on Time

Third-party testing has been used to measure engineered wood siding’s installation speeds, and it has been proven to install faster than other options.

These quicker installation speeds allow you to maintain your remodel’s schedule, working efficiently and helping to reduce delays. Your crew will be able to transport the product with ease around the jobsite, helping the installation process run smoothly. Due to engineered wood siding’s lighter weights and longer lengths, your crew may also require fewer pieces to complete the installation. This can mean fewer seams on the home—a clean, crisp look your clients will love.

Photo Courtesy of LP Building Solutions

When their project is done on time and well your clients will be pleased, which can lead to great reviews and recommendations for your business.

Reducing Waste and Maximizing Resources

Wasted material and increased labor are the two most common ways to lose money on a remodeling project. Engineered wood siding’s outstanding workability can mean less jobsite waste: it arrives on the jobsite ready to use with minimal breakage, so you will likely use almost all of the product you invest in on your project. Plus, its lighter weight means that fewer installers are needed, leading to a reduction in labor costs. Often, only one crew member can carry several pieces of engineered wood siding.

Photo Courtesy of LP Building Solutions

No special tools are required for installing engineered wood siding, adding to engineered wood siding being easier to work with. Typical woodworking tools will do the job, and the installation will require no additional investment in specialized materials.

Invest in Materials That Help You Save

If you’re working to select products that may help you achieve the best value, be sure to choose engineered wood products that will offer quality without sacrificing efficiency. With engineered wood products, you won’t have to sacrifice quality or explode the budget, but you can instead save time and resources and still deliver quality results. Find out more about how LP SmartSide Trim & Siding can help keep your projects on track.

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