Sleep Tight

These bedrooms are sure to inspire your next bedroom remodel

Lumber Redux

The wood on the walls of this remodel is reclaimed from the home's old structure and adds rustic charm to this cozy space.

Lodge for All Seasons

The large windows in this bedroom reinforce the home's lodge style. The fireplace keeps the room looking warm, despite the winter weather outside.

What's Cozier Than a Cabin?

The whitewashed logs keeps things simple in this award-winning cabin remodel.

Maximize Space

This open bedroom is in a log cabin near Lake Tahoe. The home is just under 2,000-square-feet, but knows how to make the most of its space.

Warm Up

While it may not get to freezing temperatures in Los Angeles, where this home is located, that doesn't mean homeowners can't have a toasty retreat.

Tiny Style

This homeowner built herself a tiny home, including this small, but airy, bedroom.

Aspen Aspirations

This home in Aspen, Colo., takes full advantage of the mountain lodge style.

Room With a View

Taking full advantage of the city skyline, this penthouse bedroom is the perfect place to unwind at the end of a long day.

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