Fire Protection Products: Sprinklers and Beyond

Home sprinkler systems can be a highly effective line of defense against home fires, but they also can be expensive. Check out these new offerings that will upgrade your standard building products to those with fire-retardant properties, allowing longer egress times for homeowners.

Boise Cascade Firebreak Insulated Joists

Boise added a fifth way for its I-joists to resist flames. FireBreak is a heat-resistant product made from ceramic, alumina, and zirconia crystal fibers that then are stapled to the vertical web of the I-joist. The combined product meets fire resistance requirements for light frame construction as they apply to floor framing over unfinished basements.

CertainTeed CertaSpray X Spray Foam Insulation

CertainTeed's CertaSpray X (CSX) Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation offers multiple solutions in a single application. In addition to the air sealing, energy savings, and noise reduction inherent in spray foam insulation, CertaSpray X also provides code-compliant fire protection. An ignition barrier element is added to the material during manufacture. CSX also cures to a mocha color making it easy for building inspectors to identify.

GP ToughRock FireGuard 45

GP’s ToughRock Fireguard 45 Gypsum Board is meant for use in a 45-minute UL classified fire rating. The product is aimed at giving builders the ability to increase home fire resistance without upping the cost. As a 1/2-inch fire-rated wallboard, Fireguard can replace all standard and lightweight 1/2-inch walls, including 24-inch OC ceilings, without needing to change the wall assembly.

Integrity California Fire Glass

Integrity now offers California Fire Glass as an option for its Wood Ultrex and All Ultrex series windows and doors. The option includes a dual-coating configuration and meets 2016 Energy Star Northern Zone guidelines. Features of the California Fire Glass include dual-pane IG with annealed exterior, and tempered interior glazing, which meets fire code guidelines in California.

Kidde RemoteLync

Kidde’s latest product, RemoteLync, gives users peace of mind about the safety of their home when they’re away, and a chance to take quick action even if they’re not. The smart device is designed to recognize the alarm sound of a smoke or carbon monoxide detector, and will send a message to the homeowner’s smartphone if either device goes off. Users can then contact emergency services, or reach out to their loved ones. Remote Lync will work with any smoke and carbon monoxide alarms UL-listed after 1999.

Viega Fire Protection PEX Fitting

Where home fire sprinklers are requested or required, Viega offers eight new PEX Press fire protection fittings and mounting brackets in high-performance polymer for NFPA 13D fire sprinkler installations. The fittings are available for 3/4- and 1-inch sprinkler applicatiosn in four configurations: straight adapters, elbows, tees, and wall tees. The mounting brackets allow for easier installation, eliminating the guesswork behind proper alignment.

Weyerhaeuser TJI Joists with Flack Jacket

Weyerhaeuser says its TrusJoist is the first I-joist to feature factory-applied fire resistance. The joists are designed to meet fire code requirements in single-family homes without sprinklers or gypsum board, and are recommended for use in unfinished basements and other applications where an I-joist typically is used.

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