Wendell Harmer

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New Interactive Code: Using 2-D Bar Codes for Marketing

Are 2-D bar codes the next marketing frontier for remodelers? Some companies are already using them in their advertising. More

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Protecting your business against embezzlement

Unraveling embezzlement can be as complicated as an episode of Law & Order. Remodeler Joe Christ says the trade background of most remodelers leaves them at a disadvantage. More

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Training is essential to growth

Training yourself, your managers, and your field crews will turn your chaotic circus into a well-orchestrated troop. More

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New consumer demands

The level of sophistication of clients has absolutely changed," says Steve Kirstein, a principal at BOWA Builders, McLean, Va. "There are no easy projects anymore. Marla Griffin, Metropolitan's marketing director, also says Ikea's affordable prices brought better-designed products to a larger audience.The new consumer is much better informed -- primarily about the importance of good design -- than in the past. More

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