Tom Callen

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Leap of Faith

This spring, a carpenter and gutter protection installer for Callen Construction, in Muskego, Wis., applied to be a sales rep. Owner Tom Callen felt apprehensive, he recalls, when the five-year employee told him he wanted to change positions. More

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Marketing at the state fair

Close to a million people visited the Wisconsin State Fair last summer. Although most went to admire the animals, spin on the rides, and gobble the famous cream puffs, exactly 34 Wisconsinites went to generate leads for their remodeler, Callen Construction. More

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Profile: Phil and Tom Callen

It's not always easy for brothers to agree, nor is it for co-owners of a remodeling company. The two, separated in age by 10 years, have agreed often enough on the right decisions to shape Callen Construction (Big50 2000) into a thriving $5.4 million company. More

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