Tim Shigley

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What the Rodeo's Team Roping Event Can Teach You About Remodeling

Remember these words: Position. Swing. Target. Delivery. More

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Framing the Argument: It's Time To Upgrade Your Verbal Toolbox

Finding the right words can make the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity, especially as aging in place becomes more important to your clients. More

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Honest Assessment: When Giving Your Opinion Doesn't Cost You the Job

A remodeler's assessment of a proposed project does end up leading to work for his company, but as a new-home construction job rather than a remodel. More

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Trades and Suppliers Feel the Pinch

With both trades and suppliers overstretched in a tough economy, remodelers are finding it challenging to keep projects competitively priced and on schedule. More

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Project Costs Hold Steady

In a tough economy with consumers putting projects on hold or downsizing project scope, remodelers are having to rework all aspects of their business to keep projects competitively priced. More

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Employee goal planning goes beyond work

Tim Shigley, president of Shigley Construction Co., in Wichita, Kan., believes that positive things in our lives don't just happen. We have to plan for them. He helps his employees reach their goals by asking each to complete a goal-planning form at the beginning of each year. More

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Working in a Competitive Subcontractor Market

The subcontractor market is getting more competitive and more complicated. Remodelers are taking a new look at how they find, manage, and retain top-notch partners. More

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