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Bipartisan Legislation in House to Reform EPA RRP Rules

Reps. John Sullivan (R-OK) and Tim Murphy (R-PA) and nine bipartisan co-sponsors have introduced the Lead Exposure Reduction Amendments Act of 2012 (H.R. 5911), companion legislation to S.2148 introduced in the Senate in March. More

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Wood window replacement companies market through presentations and word of mouth

Selling wood windows calls for a different kind of marketing. Just ask Tim Murphy.... More

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Warranty Issues on Window Installations

Someone's on the phone with a complaint about the windows you installed in their addition, what was it, three years ago? Production manager Rob Dagley estimates that maybe one in 20 calls requesting warranty work at Rhino Builders, Kansas City, Kan., have to do with service on a window. More

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Marketing Focus: Business Cards

The winning entries highlight professionalism and creativity. More

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Making window replacements easier

Whether you're putting in the windows on your own job or subcontracting the work out, it's important to make the whole process painless for the crew coming in to install. More

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