Tim Cross

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Slow steady growth for Merrick Construction

Tim Cross went into business for himself right out of high school. This was back... More

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Beating competitors with consumer and contractor education

A few years ago, Tricia Sinn bid on a room addition and master bath project... More

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Keep eye on insurance requirements

The insurance/risk management industry, like nature, abhors a void. If someone's not insured, the industry will find a way to fill that hole. More

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Handling the larger remodel job

For any remodeler, going after that first big job is frightening and exciting. “As... More

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Using Videos to Avoid Insurance Fraud

Remodeler Tim Cross used to videotape at the beginning of his remodeling jobs. Though he no longer has time for this marketing tactic, he liked the results. More

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Strategies to keep cash flowing

Few remodelers take the trouble to align client payments with their own need to pay suppliers and subs within a week to 10 days. Payments are updated on a schedule of values that includes an early-pay line item for general conditions. More

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Small jobs can bring big profits

The overhead structure of Brady's full-service design/build firm positions him perfectly to handle jobs in the $75,000 to $200,000 range but leaves projects of this size outside of his core competency. For this reason, Brady only accepts small jobs, which he defines as $10,000 and under, from past clients and solid referrals. More

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Using the right presentation tools

For remodelers not blessed with a silver tongue, using the right presentation tools can make all the difference. Tech-savvy remodelers have begun using CAD presentations at sales calls to give clients a sense of exactly what they're agreeing to pay for. More

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