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Doors that do more

Homeowners no longer content with simple slabs to close one room off from the next... More

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Face-Off: Should I Use The Lead Carpenter System?

The lead carpenter (LC) is not a man; it's a system. I've been attempting to perfect that system since about 1989. The training never stops. We insist that our lead carpenters come up with most of the solutions to jobsite problems ó from material lists to contacting other trade contractors. They are encouraged to talk to the customer to sort out problems and form a business relationship. We encourage them to enhance their own skills and continually upgrade their tools. More

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Washington, Franklin, Britton?

Remodeler Tim Britton, in his latest effort at “top of mind” awareness, prints hundred-dollar bills with his likeness instead of Ben Franklin's on the bill and signs them in lieu of the Secretary of the Treasury. More

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Job Site Inspection Form: Written photograph of the site

It gives him a "written photograph" of the site, so he's able to check up on a project without necessarily having to see it for himself. More

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Bath product myths and facts

Myth #1: A one-piece shower unit is easier to install than a three-piece unit.Remodeler views: Tim Britton, owner of Tim Britton Construction Services in Falls Creek, Pa., prefers one-piece units because he thinks they're easier to install. More

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Past Due

If we do have a client holding out, I first send out a statement saying there was an unpaid balance. More

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Standard bath packages

Fast and efficient remodeling appeals to the segment of the market that is looking... More

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Cooperative Spirit

But Tim Britton of Tim Britton Construction Services of Falls Creek, Pa., has... More

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