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Responding when things don't work out as planned

From the mildly frustrating to the emotionally crippling, potentially high-stakes scenarios play themselves out every day in the remodeling world. Some begin benignly or seem tolerable, and many remodelers would rather suffer through them instead of openly confronting them. Other scenarios are clearly huge, a threat to an important relationship or your company's future. More

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A good consultant can be a life raft

Most remodelers are not skilled in every aspect of the business world ó and they don't need to be. Part of learning how to thrive and grow in a competitive market means seeking outside help, and there are consultants who can help you become more effective in just about every business area. Many times, these consultants can help identify solutions to problems you didn't even know you had. More

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Remodelers discuss building solid partnerships

The 30-year business partnership of Terry Streich and Gary Welton at Silver Bullet... More

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