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Offering Rewards for Referrals

Past clients and referrals give Terry Bennett Builders & Remodelers (TBBR) about half its projects, and “we take nothing for granted,” says Mary Bennett, vice president. Here's how the Westlake, Ohio, company keeps its word-of-mouth network strong: More

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Remodeler reading list

What business books are Big50 remodelers reading? More

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A Remodeler Borrows From Late-Night TV for Marketing

When Terry Bennett wanted to develop a leave-behind to reinforce the message he or his sales staff convey in sales calls, he came up with something homeowners would remember: an 11-minute DVD that ticks off, David Lettermanñstyle, the top 10 reasons to hire Terry Bennett Builders & Remodelers of Westlake, Ohio. More

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Should the owner sell

The owner must ask, If I add personnel, should I stay in sales or stay in production? We have sales personnel already, so it's up to me to decide whether I want to keep selling. More

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