Steve Larson

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Design Awards 2005

The winners of this year's REMODELING Design Awards showcase the best in residential and light commercial remodeling. From a beach house to a contemporary addition to an urban in-fill, these projects highlight the work of talented design and construction teams. More

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Work as a voyage of personal discovery

Several years ago, after almost 20 years in business, I had begun to actualize a... More

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New employee trial periods

We have a 30-day, “see if there is a fit” period. During that month, both the company and the employee take the time to make sure expectations are being met. More

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Calculating a Lead's Management Hours

To help solve the problem, Larson and his team developed a method to determine management hours for his five leads, called project managers. Using the formula, Larson has found that project management can take as much as 30% of a lead's time. The calculations help Architectural Building Arts get within 10% to 15% of true hours; without the formula, estimates were lucky to get within half the true hours needed. More

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Renaissance Design Competition 2002: Honorable Mentions

The town of Jamestown, R.I., had been suffering from what the local planning board... More

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