Steve Jordan

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In a Sink-or-Swim Remodeling Economy, Buoyant Leadership Inspires

Remodeling consultant Linda Case reveals how some business owners remain upbeat in difficult times, inspiring staff to follow them with confidence. More

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Remodelers who choose to invest in real estate

In the late 1980s in California, Steve Jordan was remodeling foreclosed houses for banks when he realized that instead of working for the banks, he could create a similar system for himself by purchasing, renovating, and renting houses. He shut down his remodeling company and started Rebuilding America, at one point owning 40 houses. When the real estate values in California became too high for investing, he relocated to Pensacola, Fla., where in three years he amassed 190 rental units. More

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Planning for retirement

Retirement is changing. Because we're living longer, healthier lives, we require... More

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