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Visual Aides: How to Present Design Ideas

Let TV and movies be your guide to some creative approaches to presenting your next design plan. More

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Happy (Paper) Trails: Going Paperless in the Office

Digitized business files can mean savings for your office: Space saved with fewer filing cabinets, time saved searching thorugh folders, and sanity saved thanks to fewer piles of paper hanging around. More

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Business How-To: Paperless Client Meetings

Shawn Nelson, president of New Spaces, switched from making paper-based presentations to using iPads and has more goals for reducing paper use in his company. Plus, step-by-step info from a professional organizer on how to start purging the paper in favor of digital files. More

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Getting Ahead: The Value of Joining a Peer Review Group

A peer group proves invaluable for this mix of home improvement pros, allowing full-service remodelers and replacement contractors to share business advice and best practices. More

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Top 100 Markets: Sample Market Data: Minneapolis - St. Paul - Bloomington

Detailed analysis of the Minneapolis metro area remodeling market using Residential Remodeling Index data. More

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That $1,500 Tax Credit? Consider it the First Step to Bigger Projects

Growing numbers of full-service remodelers are embracing the homeowner tax credits for energy-efficient work as possible segues to larger remodeling jobs. Energy audits often play a key role. More

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Next generation of remodelers

The next generation of remodelers is smart, business savvy, and fiercely... More

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