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Big50 Remodelers Describe Their Non-Remodeling Business Interests

A multi-unit development project, a neighborhood referral service, a real estate holding company, and a solar panel installation company keep these Big50 remodelers busy. More

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Refer Madness

Could it be any easier for homeowners to find home improvement contractors? Only if the online referral industry maintains its current torrid growth rate. Having emerged in the 1990s and then largely imploded in the dot-com bust, this industry is back and bigger than ever. Hundreds of services exist today, from national behemoths that “match” contractors and consumers automatically to one-person companies that know every client by name. More

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Keeping schedules on track

Here's a look at the scheduling strategies that three remodelers use to keep their projects on track. More

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Managing your Backlog

The health of your company depends on how you manage a backlog of work. More

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Postcards keep firm in mind

Home Equity Builders (HEB) maintains a constant and upbeat presence in the minds of homeowners in affluent Great Falls and McLean, Va. Thanks to the postcards in their mailboxes, residents know HEB is local, wins awards, and does high-end remodeling as well as handyman work. More

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Down to the Letter

The letter of intent can be a viable, stand alone document remodelers can use to protect themselves. More

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Protection from vendors declaring bankruptcy

Jeff and Sharon Rainey were in the middle of implementing a new marketing campaign when their marketing firm declared bankruptcy. "We had not even proofed anything, and we had to pay 100% or it would have been locked down because of the bankruptcy," Jeff Rainey says. More

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Weekly back up of files on remote server

Sharon Rainey imagines a fire burning down her office; but she doesn't worry about losing the company's critical data: HEB's most important files are backed up weekly on a remote server by Horizon Data, a network service provider. More

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Living Large

A Web site can multiply your business presence, but more likely it's just the icing on the cake, the final stroke that solidifies your reputation. With that philosophy, design/build remodelers Sharon and Jeff Rainey, owners of Home Equity Builders in Great Falls, Va., launched a postcard campaign to attract Web site visitors, promising a magnifying glass to people who requested one online. More

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