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Field Crew "Try Outs" Minimize Costly Hiring Mistakes

An emerging trend in construction hiring: paid, on-the-job "try outs," with no obligation to offer the permanent position. More

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Errors omissions insurance expands liability coverage

Errors and omissions insurance protects companies from claims if a client holds it... More

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What Remodelers Need To Know About Their General Liability Insurance Policy

Your general liability insurance policy may cover less than you think. Don't be caught off-guard. More

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Insurance claims are easier to settle if you have photos

An earthmover tips into a foundation hole Ö your super backs a truck into a... More

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Insurance 101

Consult with your insurance broker for additional information on these and other common types of commercial insurance. More detailed explanations are also available at www.insurancebuzzer .com operated by Scott Simmonds of Insurance Consultants of Maine. More

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Insurance Reassurance

Remodelers are facing one of the most unforgiving insurance markets in years. Slammed by soaring premiums and multiplying exclusions, impenetrable contracts and fleeing providers, they're struggling to afford and hold onto good commercial policies that won't leave them high and dry on the rare occasions they actually need them. More

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