Ron Trull

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Remodelers: Laying Off or Ramping Up for a Rebound?

Remodelers face tough decisions on new low-volume realities for staffing. More

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Small Jobs Keep Remodelers Working

Be prepared to market and sell small projects in a downturn. More

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Protect your business from disaster

There's no sure way to disaster-proof a remodeling business, but it's usually instructive to look back and identify any mistakes, shortcuts, omissions, or denials that might have allowed little problems to snowball into big ones, and big problems to turn calamitous. More

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Letting Go

Often, to succeed, you have to get out of your own way. That may be especially... More

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Helping key employees grow

Despite the risk, it's worth the effort to help key employees grow and take on new responsibilities. Here's why. More

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Understanding marketing basics

Marketing: it's everything a business does that touches prospects and clients. It... More

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Blade Runner

When remodeler Ron Trull was looking for a part-time person to run errands and... More

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