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Homeowner Seminars

Homeowner seminars offer a way to position yourself as an expert and to boost leads as well. More

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Welcoming the immigrant workforce

The future of the remodeling workforce is alive and well in Lincoln, Neb., where... More

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Creating a Career Path for Field Personnel

Whether you call it a career track or a framework, whether you spell it out in a handbook or tell people during job interviews, you must have a path for field personnel to follow if you want them to grow and take on more responsibility. Remodelers who have carved out this path have shaped it to their companies' needs, bringing newbies along and nurturing homegrown lead carpenters, project managers, and even vice presidents. More

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Benefits of a four day work week

Summer is a good excuse for contemplating the four-day workweek. Crews will work 10 hours instead of 8, but they'll still have some natural light when they get home. And with school kids on break and vacations in swing, “it's a nice morale booster for everyone,” says Donald Keney from Castle Renovations in Sterling, Va. More

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Small jobs

Call me old fashioned, but I still think it's possible to make money doing the kinds of small jobs that got a lot of us started in this business.A good portion of this work is under $1,000, but for Cowgill, anything that doesn't include design is classified as a small job. More

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Solutions to Labor shortages

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for construction workers will grow 13.3% by 2010. "The employee can't work for you unless he or she has valid work authorization," she says. More

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