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Selling the design/build brand

Several years ago, Audi hired the Gallup Organization to figure out what distinguishes Audi drivers from those of competitors' cars. More

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Mold may be biggest issue facing remodeling industry: mold is more troublesome than other hazards

Mold may be the biggest issue facing the remodeling industry. Five years ago, when Brothers Strong, in Houston, came across household mold in the course of a project, "you didn't even talk about it," recalls company owner Michael Strong. And panicky homeowners facing $35,000 or more in out-of-pocket expenses for mold remediation may decide to scale back or postpone the remodeling project that uncovered the mold in the first place. More

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Partnering for Design

Whether design is in-house or subcontracted, most companies require homeowners to sign a separate design contract. Mike Holmes usually charges for design at an hourly rate, but has a flat rate for certain kinds of projects. More

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Changing contracts

With the advent of computer technology and automated estimates, we can put in all the specifics in microscopic detail, without having to spend money to do it. More

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