Rick Grosso

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Can Canvassers Sell?

Some home improvement companies see their canvassing teams as potential recruiting grounds for the sales force. More

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How Personal Contacts Become Business Contracts

Add business networking to your box of heavy-duty referral tools. More

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Single-Line Success

Adding a specialty business isn't for everyone, but it can be a real profit center. More

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Three Paths to Sales

Craftspeople by nature and salespeople by necessity, many remodelers believe that their company's good work will speak for itself, convincing smart prospects to work with them. More

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Bragging Rights

Everybody has a story. Or at least they better if they want to sell home improvement products. "I think the company story is more important than ever," says Rick Grosso, industry consultant and sales trainer. More

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Pledge of Allegiance

Seeking to counter the image of home improvement companies as so-called "Tin Men," a group of 14 replacement contractors across the United States has set out to bring the homeowner's perception in line with the reality of today's industry. More

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Sales Turn On

Selling home improvement products and projects is an art, to some. Others might define it as a highly nuanced set of skills. The aim, of course, is to win the confidence of homeowners and close the sale. And like everything else today, home improvement selling is going high tech. More

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Team Sport

Team building and hands-on management have made this Connecticut home improvement company a $10-million player. More

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Women have natural sales technique

In this traditionally male business, there are a small group of women who are owners or designers doing sales, or even doing straight sales. But in many cases they're outselling their male counterparts. More

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