Rich Gaspar

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Site Protection Makes the Client Feel Comfortable

Seattle contractor Rich Gaspar spares no expense when it comes to protecting the jobsite. On big jobs, Gaspar Construction crews lay bubble wrap covered with Masonite on wood floors and install plastic walls. More

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Name Brand Recognition

Rich Gaspar, owner of Gaspar Construction in Seattle, notes that there's a 20% to 30% price difference between nationally known window brands and locally produced brands. The clients who choose the lesser products run a heightened risk of the windows failing," Gaspar says. More

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Getting subcontractors together

Subcontractors play a key role in helping Gaspar's Construction in Seattle get its jobs built. Gaspar's Construction now plans to hold its subcontractor breakfast annually. More

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Remodelers: Know Your Windows

Not long ago, Ray Westmoreland, owner of Wood Windows Inc. in Boise, Idaho, received a call from a client interested in sound control. Westmoreland's company had installed vinyl replacement windows in the client's house several years before. Now she wanted to know what could be done to tune out street noise. Westmoreland explained the benefits of safety laminated glass both for security and dulling sound, and the client, wanting to see for herself, paid the contractor to re-glaze one window. So satisfied was she with the results that she soon called him again, wanting three more windows re-glazed. At $500 per window, plus labor. More

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