Rich Binsacca

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Before and After: Home for Life Remodel

Remodelers can play a key role in helping baby boomers stay in their current homes by making those homes more accessible and livable for all occupants regardless of age or ability. More

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Auditing Efficiency: Checklist to Identify Energy-Saving Opportunities

Built Right Renovations uses this checklist as a customer service tool to help homeowners identify where they can save energy ó and money ó and to help position the remodeler as an expert. More

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Simply Smart: Some Deft Design Moves Completely Transform a Cluttered Kitchen

A small addition and the removal of a wall improve the flow and family interaction in this Chicago kitchen. More

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Commercial Counsel

After a quick glance at the high-rise office buildings and road projects, the prevailing wage and bonding requirements, the copious codes, and the penalty clauses common to commercial building, the prospect of applying anything useful from the non-residential sector to a residential remodeling business seems remote. More

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