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Keeping up with rising disposal costs

Recently, Jeff Rainey noticed that the price of the 20-yard containers his company... More

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Cool Roof

Massachusetts roofer Jim Lydon once got a call from a client complaining that the roof Lydon had installed was "leaking like a sieve." When he arrived to inspect, Lydon found that the homeowner, hoping to save money on her fuel bill, had plugged up all the soffit vents. More

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Price rises part of the business

All across the country, roofing companies have seen materials prices go up, up, up. An April story in The Philadelphia Inquirer found that the wholesale price of nails in 50-pound quantities had jumped from $13.95 to $20.95 and that the 4x8 sheet of plywood that cost $8.32 in 2003 now cost $17.92. More

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