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Do Better Deals for Homeowners Mean More to Spend on Remodeling?

Remodelers and industry insiders consider the impact of dropping home prices and mortgage interest rates on a potential new sector of remodeling clientele. More

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Teaching safety in the primary language

Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations make it crystal-clear that employers have a regulatory obligation to ensure that every employee has been given the necessary information and training to perform their job duties safely. If you think you're going to beat OSHA on this issue, forget it. More

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Should you share information with your competition?

Remodeling is not just a business for me; I am passionate about it. When placed in a group setting and given a topic that interests me, I can expand on it with perhaps too much detail. I will relate the strategies and measures that my company has taken to solve a problem or to get a leg up on the competition. People have shared good advice with me over the years, and I in turn would like to help others. More

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Big50 Class of 2005

Every year we search the country for remodelers who distinguish themselves by outperforming their best competitors. We look for firms with top-notch business acumen, outstanding customer service, a financially strong foundation, and exciting systems. We are proud to introduce you to the Big50 Class of 2005. More

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