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Callback Crunch: Ways to Limit Warranty Woes

Warranty work is inevitable, experienced contractors say. It’s also manageable.... More

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High-Stakes Bidding: Even Upscale Clients Are Asking for Competitive Bids

In this tough economy, high-end clients are asking for bids and high-end remodelers are having to adjust. More

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Following the remodeling rules

Remodeling is by its very nature a contentious process. But there is no magic bullet to protect against run-ins with customers or, worse, with their lawyers. The best protection, many remodelers agree, is as simple as establishing the rules and then making sure everyone follows them. More

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The quest for quality high-end subcontractors

High-end jobs mean costly materials and sophisticated designs, and finding and keeping “golden” subs is critical. The other end of the spectrum means job delays, warranty work, and strained customer relations. “A careless plumber can cause a lot of expensive destruction in very little time,” says Alex Dahlgren, partner at Acheron Construction in Garland, Texas. “One wrong turn of the wrench can ruin a $700 faucet.” More

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Renaissance Design Competition 2002

The winners of this year's Renaissance Design Competition showcase projects that... More

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Drive-By Marketing

Paul Sullivan has come up with a convenient way to spot houses needing work and... More

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