Paul LaRoe

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Resilient Michigan Remodelers Survive Market Plunge

The remodeling economy in most of the country is sluggish and weak. Remodelers are working harder for less. Successful years are still possible, but only for those who plan carefully and work their plan. More

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Dealing with difficult clients

How do you deal with difficult clients? More

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Evaluating a prospective job

If the customer is looking for several bids, it indicates they are searching for low numbers, not quality. We are quality ó not necessarily low numbers. So it's not a good fit. More

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Participating in home shows

There are few other events where you can meet 1,500 people looking for home improvement answers and introduce yourself as the industry expert. More

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How to make husband-and-wife remodeling businesses work

So what if you can't recite your vows after all these years. You remember the gist. “For better or worse. In sickness and in health. In accounts payable and receivable.” Wait. What was that last one? Doesn't sound familiar? Well, if you and your spouse share ownership and management of your company, it should. So says the current thinking about the newest and fastest-growing segment of small business óentrepreneurial couples or “copreneurs,” if you want to sound in the know. More

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