Patrice Olivier-Wilson

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All Business Is Hyperlocal

With more homeowners searching online for contractors, and more contractors there waiting for them, successful SEO means nailing tiny corners of the gigantic World Wide Web. More

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Saving Money on a Sale

It's tempting, when the phone isn't ringing, to blanket neighborhoods with dollars-off promotions, but discounts aren't always good for business. More

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Don't Hesitate to Call Your Clients

Past clients have always been strong remodelers' best source of business, and during the slower economy, that still holds true. More

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Maintain client confidentiality in testimonials

As effective as testimonials can be, some clients are best kept under wraps. Wilson suggests using initials instead of full names, and says that even "homeowner" is fine, especially on materials that have a long shelf life. This protects you as well as your clients. More

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Wooing Clients With a Web of Marketing

Here are some tips on how to avoid sending mixed signals with your Web site and materials. More

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