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Show & Tell: Exhibiting at a Home Show

Tips for making exhibiting at a home show a successful part of your marketing plan. More

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Business How-To: Paperless Client Meetings

Shawn Nelson, president of New Spaces, switched from making paper-based presentations to using iPads and has more goals for reducing paper use in his company. Plus, step-by-step info from a professional organizer on how to start purging the paper in favor of digital files. More

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Face to Face: Don't Forget the Importance of Personal Marketing

Get everyone on your staff ó even trade partners ó onboard to help market your company. Every client interaction counts. More

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Projects Made Simple: Detailed Estimating System Ensures Smoother Project Execution

Neil Parsons, owner of consulting company Design Build Profit, has created a... More

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Dating Game: Accurate Estimates Shorten the Time Between 'Dates' With Clients

At the first client meeting, speedy and accurate pricing will help keep clients' excitement level high and the process moving. More

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A Best Client Best Practice: the 'Advisory Council'

A "homeowner advisory council" dished about remodeling at a dinner with this N.J. remodeling company. More

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