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Pitch-Perfect: How to Run a Sales Meeting

Sales meetings are a key component in your sales process, setting the tone for and influencing the success of the meetings required to close the sale. More

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Using product selection strategies to smooth out remodeling process

Design/build and full-service remodelers are hiring interior designers, in-house or as partners, to work with existing selection systems, or to have those partners incorporate new technologies with the process.The interior designer can visit Web sites and display images of products or project photos that are saved on the hard drive. More

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Face Off: Should I seek work with outside architects?

About 10 years ago, we stumbled by chance on a local architect and started doing work for him. Today, 40% of our work (we anticipate sales this year of $4 million) comes from architects' projects that we bid on. More

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Robin Barker: helps Owing's clients select plumbing products

Remodeler Mike Owings no longer has to worry about helping his clients select plumbing products. Consultant Robin Barker works with the clients of Owings Brothers Contracting, Eldersburg, Md., to choose faucets and fittings. More

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Concentrating purchases with one supplier vs. spreading amongst many

I spread out my window and door purchases between two suppliers. In terms of materials and supplies, I give about 70% or 75% to a single lumber supplier, because he can serve our account very well. More

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Good Post-Construction Meetings

Mark Henson, Estimator, Medina Construction, Salina, Kan. Our post-construction meetings reflect the company's informal style. Mike Owings, President, Owings Brothers Contracting, Eldersburg, Md. We don't conduct post job meetings in person. Dan Kliethermes, President, Kliethermes Homes and Remodeling, Columbia, Mo. More

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