Mike Holmes

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Education in Remodeling with Mike Holmes

Mike Holmes, host of the television show Holmes on Homes, says contractors can... More

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Remodeling Among Hottest Industries for Job Growth

A CareerBuilder.com report puts residential remodeling in the top three fastest growing industries. More

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Mike Holmes Knows Why Remodeling Has a Labor Shortage

His RMLC keynote speech cited lack of government funding for shop classes and... More

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Reality Shows Distort Client Relations—Here's How to Change Channels

Do remodeling reality shows always hurt, or can they sometimes help your clients? More

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HGTVís Mike Holmes Talks Construction Quality, Sustainability with BUILDER Magazine

The profession needs to build in a way that makes sense, the general contractor says. More

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Partnering for Design

Whether design is in-house or subcontracted, most companies require homeowners to sign a separate design contract. Mike Holmes usually charges for design at an hourly rate, but has a flat rate for certain kinds of projects. More

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