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Much Appreciated: Gift Ideas for Your Employees

DuKate Fine Remodeling office manager Kathy Shertzer suggests some holiday gift ideas on a budget. More

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Eat Your Frogs

Blogger Kathy Shertzer unpleasant items to get out of the way first so they don't weigh on you during the day. More

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Pitch-Perfect: How to Run a Sales Meeting

Sales meetings are a key component in your sales process, setting the tone for and influencing the success of the meetings required to close the sale. More

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Remodeling Hieroglyphics: The Benefits of a Clear Job Identification System

A clear, consistent job ID convention can limit confusion and put a wealth of useful information at your fingertips. More

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Mission: Not Impossible

Walt Disney Co.'s mission statement is “To make people happy.” Wal-Mart's is “To give ordinary folk the chance to buy the same thing as rich people.” Reaching this level of deceptively simple prose requires time and energy. But in the end, the words become both rudder and anchor. More

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Honoring His Subs

What bugs subs? Six annoying behaviors in particular, according to DuKate Fine Remodeling's trade contractors. More

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Mentoring to build the remodeling industry

Eric Hoff was confused and, frankly, a little nervous. Moments before, the young... More

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