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When Sales Disappoint, Ask Yourself: Where Does It Hurt?

Odds are, one of these pain points is limiting sales More

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Have I Got a Guy for You: Referral Programs

Don't be afraid to ask for referrals or pay referral fees. More

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Tripping Out: Reducing Lumberyard Runs Is a Matter of Planning

Checkout lines may be shorter, but trips to the building materials store are still time wasted and money lost. More

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An Insider on Outsourcing: Bringing Work In-House May Not Necessarily Save You Money

Faster job completion, higher quality, and lower overall costs for you: three reasons consultant Michael Stone says to stick with specialized trade contractors. More

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To Generate Strong Leads, Get on the Phone

For generating strong leads, few methods of canvassing are as effective as simply getting on the phone with past clients. More

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Set high standards for new hires

Good news about this summer's hiring outlook: Many remodelers who last year could hardly find any applicants for production positions will get dozens this year. Nevertheless, it's more important than ever to set some high standards. More

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Actions to keep business strong

With leads dropping like flies throughout the industry, refining your marketing... More

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Remodeling show in Baltimore

This year, the Remodeling Show returns to one of its most popular venues ó the Baltimore Convention Center, located on the revitalized Inner Harbor. More

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