Michael Spreckelmeier

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A Spirited Send-Off

Many remodelers give clients some sort of holiday gift as a thank-you for business. Michael Spreckelmeier, owner of Progressive Builders, in Fort Myers, Fla., elevates this tradition to a higher level. His system builds upon company culture by having staff work together to customize gifts for clients, to personally deliver those gifts, and to set goals and build team spirit. Here's how. More

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Rewarding Your Staff for Good Work

I apologized for something I did. Word traveled the grapevine, and soon a card arrived in the mail from Craig Durosko of Sun Design Remodeling Specialists, in Burke, Va. More

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Second Look: Candi and Troy Hilton

This past spring, Stilwell, Kan., remodelers Candi and Troy Hilton (Big50 2003)... More

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Start It Up!

So much of our work is repeat and referral business,” says Michael Spreckelmeier,... More

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