Michael McCutcheon

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2010 Wage and Benefit Survey

Despite cutbacks, remodeling company owners remain positive More

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Remodelers' Enduring Lessons from a Bruiser of a Downturn

Consultant Linda Case gathers case studies from remodelers who are pulling out the... More

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Solar: Does It Really Offer a Golden Opportunity?

Though, to date, demand for solar systems has been low, the hope is that tax incentives will help push consumers into investing in solar power. More

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Fuel Cells: Residential Use Lags Behind Commercial, but Shows Promise

Though there arenít many hydrogen fuel cell systems currently being used in U.S. homes, this technology holds great promise. More

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Way Ahead of the Curve

Most of his “green” clients, says Michael McCutcheon, owner of McCutcheon Construction, in San Francisco, are “true believers.” These high-end clients arenít jumping into “green” simply for the tax breaks, and they are early adopters. More

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Small Jobs Keep Remodelers Working

Be prepared to market and sell small projects in a downturn. More

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When Rivers Run Dry

Are referrals a point of pride, or a slippery slope? More

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Green building proliferates

The diligent remodeler launches into the vast world of green building. More

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Ready for Prime Time

As This Old House producer Deborah Hood says, people no longer need view green as experimental or expensive. "We're learning that green is basically just good planning and smart building." And green remodelers echo that sentiment. They're as likely to use words such as "high-performance" when talking about their green work, so interwoven are the concepts. More

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