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Oceanfront Conversion: From Apartments to Single-Family Home

Architect Michael Lee creates an astounding show place for art and ocean views in a home that was once two three-story apartments. More

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Sales School 101: Defending Your Markup

Homeowners know they can find any remodeling component online for less than you need to charge to cover your overhead. Sales expert Michael Lee explains how to sell your added value. More

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10 Tips for Keeping Sales Staff Upbeat

Forget the past, celebrate small victories, and eight other strategies for maintaining an (infectiously) positive attitude among salespeople. More

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How to Win Prospects' Trust Even if You Don't Have References From Past Clients

Homeowners tend to want personal references for remodelers they are considering hiring. Michael Lee lays out strategies for one new business owner who has construction experience alone. More

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Thoughts for Structuring Remodeling Sales Commissions

In a less-than-robust market, remodelers could benefit from different sales-compensation plans. More

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Building Trust With Older and Multicultural Homeowners

Older prospects, in particular, often say: “Iím not signing anything tonight.” I then review the value of what Iím selling and the added features, and I try to close again, but the response is the same. Any suggestions? More

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Building Lasting Impressions

The punch list is complete, but don't be hurried in collecting that final check.... More

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Introduce your bilingual crew

How can I assure prospects that the people who will be working in their home are legal, skilled, trustworthy, etc., without drawing attention to an objection that most people don't want to admit they have? More

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Test your cultural awareness

Test yourself with these questions on cultural awareness. More

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