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Pros and cons of in-house trade workers

From the beginning to the end of any remodel, variables abound and chance may play a part beyond anyone's expectations. When a company succeeds, it does so, in a sense, by reducing that variability, by exerting as much control as possible over the job's every detail. More

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When the owner wants to supply materials

It happens all the time with siding, cabinets, decking, flooring, almost anything:... More

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Moving on up to your own office

Have you outgrown your home office? It's a sign that the time has come to move out... More

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Installing Owner-Supplied Windows

It's a familiar scenario: Your clients have just returned from Lowe's or The Home... More

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Pros and Cons of Using Subcontractors to Install Windows

When it comes to using subs for window installations, many remodelers just say no.... More

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Weekly Schedules For Field Crews

What weekly schedule have you set for your crew and why? More

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Consulting Hiring Experts

To try to avoid getting employees with skeletons in their closets, Fast hired a consultant to assist in the hiring process. More

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Company jeopardizes success after market collapse; avoid unhealthy growth and straying away from core business functions

The phone stopped ringing in Tom Davison's Sonoma, Calif., office in early 2001. Not a year after Davison Remodeling celebrated its best earnings ever, the unwanted quiet set off a two-year slide that almost killed the company. More

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Whether hiring staff designers benefited your company

We hired a kitchen and bath designer with 10 years of experience working in a manufacturer's showroom. Clients want better products, and there isn't enough time to do everything else and help the client make selections. More

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