Maurice Forde

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Glazed and Confused: Window, Door, and Skylight Tax Credits

The way that door and window products qualify for tax credits has changed. Here's what you need to know. More

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Pros and Cons of Using Subcontractors to Install Windows

When it comes to using subs for window installations, many remodelers just say no.... More

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Wood window replacement companies market through presentations and word of mouth

Selling wood windows calls for a different kind of marketing. Just ask Tim Murphy.... More

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Doing whatever it takes to keep a good employee

If there's one truth in any industry, it's that good people don't grow on trees. So, Maurice Forde, of Forde Windows & Remodeling in Northbrook, Ill., knew he couldn't let one of his best lead carpenters just walk out the door to go into business on his own. More

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Daily cleaning makes both the remodeler and customer comfortable

On large jobs, the crew arrives a day early to set up plastic walls, cover hardwood floors and carpets, and spread dropcloths. Forde points out that daily cleaning makes end-of-the-job cleanup a snap. More

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