Mason Lord

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Online meeting program from Citrix

The most valuable technological solutions are not necessarily the most... More

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Profile of Big 50 listee Mason Lord and Dave Seegers of Hudson Valley Preservation

A profile of Big 50 listee Mason Lord and Dave Seegers of Hudson Valley Preservation. More

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Top employees set standards

Each of these employees has been given a certain amount of autonomy by the company... More

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Investigating pre-existing conditions

Hudson Valley Preservation in Sherman, Conn., works on old houses. In the past,... More

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Clients learning on the job

Whoever coined the expression “What you don't know won't hurt you” obviously never had a kitchen or bathroom remodeled. Yet even proactive clients who have done their research don't know everything that they will face. More

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Presentation wins the sale

On the one hand it seems that sales call etiquette is merely common sense. On the other, it seems that sales calls can be pretty easy to mess up. More

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Closing a Sales Deal

When it comes to sales, Bill Simone of Custom Design + Construction leaves nothing... More

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Developing an Ad that Works

Mason F. Lord Jr. figures even a company that relies almost entirely on referrals... More

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