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Tax Credits For Historic Renovations Vary By Location

In addition to renovating their older homes, remodeler C. Mason Hearn helps his clients get money out of them. Under Richmond's tax abatement program for historic properties, homeowner taxes are calculated on the pre-renovation appraisal for 15 years. At the end of the 15 years, they are taxed based on the value of the renovated structure. More

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2004 Big50 Market Contest Winners

A Big50 winner in 1994, remodeler Stephen Gidley has featured his award... More

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Recommended books dealing with business

My style as a manager has always been an open one, where I share my business numbers with at least my key employees. The book is a study of Open Book Management (OBM) and how to use it to build a motivated and profitable organization. More

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Employee points system

Mason Hearn of McGuire, Hearn, and Thoms, Manakin-Sabot, Va., has set up an extensive incentive program for his field employees. More

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Q+A: The Ties that Bind

From time to time, someone at our office will have something worth celebrating, and we'll do a happy hour at the end of the week. They'll buy the staff lunch, and we sit down for an hour and talk about the product. More

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