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Fixing Flaws: Recognizing Your Own Imperfections ó the First Step in Changing Company Culture

Whether it's micromanaging or delivering constructive criticism, naming your problem is the first step toward fixing it and improving company culture. More

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Siding plays one role in defense against moisture

Learning from the best practices of remodelers who work in climates where... More

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Vinyl Offer

Remodelers are divided on the issue of vinyl windows. More

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Wood remains substantial: Premium product, higher priced

Wood. Natural, beautiful, elegant. As a siding material, or anything else. In siding, the woods of choice are West Coast species such as Douglas fir, cedar, and redwood or East Coast species like cypress and yellow pine. Nonetheless, contractors and the suppliers they buy from say there seems to be less and less wood siding used. More

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Life Expectancies

When one of Marty Schirber's 1,287 former clients is thinking about buying a house, the Minneapolis contractor is often called in to give his opinion.In addition, when clients sell the house, they usually recommend that new owners contact Schirber and his company, Castle Building & Remodeling, because he knows the house. More

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Master Suite

Minneapolis remodeler Marty Schirber observes that potential home buyers often like some feature of a house simply because it's something they couldn't imagine building for themselves. One such example is a master suite, which Schirber calls "sanity space." More

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Roof Replacement

As Minnesota remodeler Marty Schirber points out, a homeowner thinking of selling might solicit 10 bids from 10 roofing companies and go with the cheapest. More

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Reader Panel: Profit Slippage

Typical profit slippage -- the difference between estimated and produced gross profit--is 5% or more according to our survey. More

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