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Presenting a bid to a client

On smaller jobs, like handyman work or a small bathroom, we fax or mail the bid to the client. We also include a list of homeowner rights and responsibilities, which explains the right of recision as well as our policies on mold damage and asks clients to clear the construction area and provide a bathroom, among other things. More

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Reducing cost of goods sold

When business owners want to increase the bottom line, they usually try to increase sales. Will you increase your bottom line faster by selling 10% more or by reducing your CGS (cost of goods sold -- labor, materials, and subcontractor services) by 4%? More

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Training is essential to growth

Training yourself, your managers, and your field crews will turn your chaotic circus into a well-orchestrated troop. More

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The Big50

Once again we shine the spotlight on 50 firms that stand out in management, marketing, sales, and design. More

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Setting Standards for Efficiency

The shop floor of any manufacturing plant is carefully laid out to maximize efficiency. When John Scroggins went to work for Mark Troyer Remodeling Co., Plain City, Ohio, he asked himself why a remodeling company couldn't be organized the same way. More

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