Mark Peterson

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How to manage customer backlogs

With half the 120 million homes nationwide having been built before the bicentennial, new-home prices spiking, and built-up equity burning holes in homeowners' pockets, most remodelers have more work than they can handle. Some sit on 18-month-plus backlogs and mentally salivate as they watch their slice of the remodeling market's $199 billion pie fatten. More

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Final-touch services makes client satisfaction complete

Upscale remodels must be picture-perfect the day clients move back into their... More

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Competition-driven sales process

Who's your competition? The new-home builder? The SUV dealer? The remodeling company on the other side of town? All of the above. More

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Land Matters

The owner of the landscape company he'd used for 15 years had decided to get out of the business, and Peterson didn't like the level of service provided by the new owners. So when clients needed landscaping as part of a job, Peterson began referring them to a short list of landscapers he knew. More

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