Mark McInturff

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Modernist Maryland Home Plays Well With Family and Friends

A builder and architect work together to transform mid-century ugly into an... More

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Whole-House Remodel Thinks Outside the Box

McInturff Architects executed some smart moves to convert this tiny, 1950's box-like home into a light-filled, modern dwelling in the trees. More

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Commercial Remodeling: "Dynamic Warehouse"

This remodel transforms a generic warehouse into a dynamic headquarters for a residential remodeler/custom home builder. More

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2008 Remodeling Design Awards

Our team of judges pored over 340 entries in the 2008 Remodeling Design awards to... More

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REMODELING Names the Year's Top Remodeling Projects

From a modern kitchen that appears to have been surgically inserted into a Carpenter Gothic Victorian home in San Diego to a whimsical and sophisticated enclosed porch veranda on a home in North Carolina, 21 residential and light commercial remodeling projects have been honored as winners of the 24th annual REMODELING Design Awards, sponsored by REMODELING magazine. More

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Designing house additions

When Doug Walter says, “I channel dead architects to try to figure out their original intent,” it gives the listener a clear picture of how the former restoration architect might approach the design of an addition. On the other hand, architect Mark McInturff says his additions fit “by contrast rather than by a literal copying or cloning.” As different as these approaches may be, both architects must satisfy the needs of clients and be sensitive to neighboring structures. More

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