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Insurance Assurance: New Language Regarding Additional Insured

The Insurance Service Office has changed the coverage of the additional insured endorsement. Here's what you need to know. More

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What Remodelers Need To Know About Their General Liability Insurance Policy

Your general liability insurance policy may cover less than you think. Don't be caught off-guard. More

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Keep record of subcontractor's insurance

Keeping up with subcontractors' insurance records can be a burden for a small remodeling company. More

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Insurance Reassurance

Remodelers are facing one of the most unforgiving insurance markets in years. Slammed by soaring premiums and multiplying exclusions, impenetrable contracts and fleeing providers, they're struggling to afford and hold onto good commercial policies that won't leave them high and dry on the rare occasions they actually need them. More

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Keep eye on insurance requirements

The insurance/risk management industry, like nature, abhors a void. If someone's not insured, the industry will find a way to fill that hole. More

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Cutting worker's comp costs

One item weighing down every remodeler's toolbelt is the cost of workers' compensation. Some states are admitting that their systems are broken and are trying to fix them. More

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Finding the right insurance coverage

Sun Light & Power Company in Berkeley had a provision in its contract that ownership of materials didn't transfer to the homeowners until they paid for it. This helped the company preserve its right to repossession if equipment wasn't paid for. More

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