Mark Kinsey

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Safety is Important, Especially During Slowdowns

If your company doesn't have a safety culture, start to develop one now, particularly if you anticipate any slowdowns. More

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Insurance Reassurance

Remodelers are facing one of the most unforgiving insurance markets in years. Slammed by soaring premiums and multiplying exclusions, impenetrable contracts and fleeing providers, they're struggling to afford and hold onto good commercial policies that won't leave them high and dry on the rare occasions they actually need them. More

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Licensing requirements face test

Michael Hamman sat for the California licensing exam more than a quarter of a century ago, but the memory still makes him laugh ó and cringe. More

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Insurance By Association

The nation's small businesses serve as the engine of our nation's economic growth,” says Michael Strauss, director of legislative communications at the NAHB. “But spiraling health care costs have hit small-business owners disproportionately hard.” More

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